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🎉 Code for new customer 10% "حياك" 🙀 👀 Free delivery for orders above SR 199 🚛

Schesir Natural Selection Dry Sterilized Cats Tuna


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Schesir grain-free natural feed provides a complete and balanced diet that ensures optimal growth of your dog . Its formula covers all the nutritional needs of the growth stage so that dogs have a correct development of bones and muscles and grow healthy. It is a suitable food for puppies of all breeds and sizes. In addition, it does not contain cereals or gluten so it is suitable for dogs with a delicate stomach or with food intolerances. Schesir Natural Selection is made with natural active ingredients with beneficial health properties. It uses turkey,lamb, duck, tuna,chicken as a source of animal protein of high biological value and, instead of cereals, tapioca as a source of carbohydrates with better assimilation. It also incorporates salmon oil and flax seeds , rich in EPA and DHA fatty acids that contribute to brain development and maintain healthy skin and coat. The natural feed Schesir without grain promotes the good intestinal transit of the puppy and a better absorption of the nutrients thanks to the contribution of natural apple fiber. On the other hand, to strengthen your immune system and to cope with diseases, add a combination of royal jelly and nucleotides that strengthen natural defenses.

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