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🎉 Code for new customer 10% "حياك" 🙀 👀 Free delivery for orders above SR 199 🚛
🎉 Code for new customer 10% "حياك" 🙀 👀 Free delivery for orders above SR 199 🚛

Pet care comes home

Our skilled veterinarians deliver expert care with a personal touch, making it easy for you to take the best care of your whole household of pets. It saves a lot of time, reduces unnecessary stress, and allows us to provide comprehensive veterinary care that your pet truly deserves from wellness exams to sick care, we’ve got you covered.
Book an appointment and get stress-free veterinary care in the comfort of
your own home.

Take the stress out of going to the vet

Let The Vets bring world-class pet care to you. We offer the full range of treatments your pet needs,
including wellness exams, sick care, diagnostics, and more.

No-Fuss Online Booking

Simply choose a time that works for your busy schedule, and let The Vets come to you.


From care services to health care, we’ve got you covered

Stress-Free Visits

Staying home keeps your pets feeling safe and relaxed during their vet visit.

Our Services

Care services

Includes Shower, shaving, cleaning, nail cutting and many other services

Mobile veterinary clinic

We provide a full range of care services to wellness services to get complete home veterinary care

Health services

Medical examinations, laboratory tests, vaccinations and all kinds of treatment

Medical consulting

We provide free medical consultations with a group of veterinarians and professionals in various veterinary specialties

Our Location

Jeddah city only

Working Hours:
Home Visits: 10am – 10pm (Sat – Thurs)

On-call Support: 0542864880



At CuteCat Vet, our Veterinarians and Care Teams will provide all of the services you are accustomed to receiving from any other veterinarians; we just bring them to you!

Benefits for pets
Pets often associate carriers, car rides, and vet offices with anxiety. By examining your pet at home, it not only eliminates stress and fear, but also allows our doctors to better assess your pet. Mobile vet care is also easier on senior and fearful pets.

Like a brick-and-mortar clinic, CuteCat Vet performs a wide range of services, but in the comfort of your home. This includes Wellness and Sick exams, vaccinations, virtual vet visits, and more.

Benefits for multi-pet families
If you have more than one pet, you can combine their examinations into one single home visit appointment, saving you time and hassle. Each pet will have a separate examination fee, but you will only be charged one travel fee for all the pets in the family.

Benefits for pet parents with busy lifestyles
In-home veterinary care is a more convenient choice for people with busy schedules, as well as those with work-from-home and hybrid work arrangements. Rather than having to take time out of the work day to drive a pet to and from an appointment and wait to be seen, we come to you. We even have same-day and next-day appointments in most locations.

Benefits for senior pet parents
Mobile vet care is a stress-free option for senior pet parents as it eliminates the need to wrestle pets into carriers and into the car to transport them to a clinic appointment.

We currently provide vet care services for dogs and cats
CuteCat Vet’s veterinary doctors and technicians are highly experienced in animal medicine to ensure your pet’s emotional well-being during their appointments.
CuteCat Vet services in Jeddah. We are growing quickly and continue to add more locations.

1- Add the required services in the cart and set an appointment then pay via the link (click here)
2- You will be contacted directly to arrange a visit.

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