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🎉 Code for new customer 10% "حياك" 🙀 👀 Free delivery for orders above SR 199 🚛
🎉 Code for new customer 10% "حياك" 🙀 👀 Free delivery for orders above SR 199 🚛

Veterinary Services

Use Of Radiation To Diagnose And Treat Disease Conditions Identified Within Animal’s Body.

Deals With Disorders Of The Cardiovascular System.

Is The Branch Of Medicine Deals With Skin And It’s Diseases.

General Surgery
Deals With Managements Of Disease Conditions With Major Or Minor Surgical Producers.

Internal Medicine
Non-Surgical Management Of Health Issues.

Geriatric Medicine
Concerned With Conditions And Diseases Related With Aging.

Means Of Producing Immunity Against Pathogens, Such As Viruses And Bacteria.

Dental Care
Treatment And Care Of The Teeth And Related Structure.

Professional Grooming
Care provided for a dogs and cats physical appearance.

Flea & Parasite Pharmacy
Provides Over The Counter Medications To Control, Prevent And Treat External Parasitic Infestations.

Situations That Arise Suddenly And Threatens The Life Or Welfare, Such As A Natural Disaster, Medical Crisis, Or Trauma Situation.

Microchip ID
Integrated Circuit Chip Placed Under The Skin For Identification Purpose.

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